Zodiac is still David Finchers best motion picture years after the fact Polygon

“David Fincher has a long resume of successful, influential and critically-acclaimed films. From 1995u2019s Seven to 1999u2019s Fight Club to 2014u2019s Gone Girl, Fincher has created a body of work that defines his talent as a director and writer, but none so much as his most underrated film, the 2007 thriller Zodiac.
It just so happens that Zodiac, which is celebrating its tenth a
iversary this month, is also the best film Fincher has ever made.
This can be taken as a strong sentiment. Movies are a subjective experience and while Zodiac may be my personal favorite, thereu2019s no reason The Social Network canu2019t be yours. When talking about this piece, many Polygon writers and editors jumped in to defend what they believed to be Fincheru2019s best work.
As I said to them, and as Iu2019ll say to you, your favorite Fincher movie may be completely different, but Zodiac is objectively his best movie.
Let me explain.
The ending
When Zodiac was released in 2007, not many people ventured out to watch it. The movie only made $33 million in the United States u2014 on a $65 million budget u2014 and didnu2019t do much better overseas. It was considered a financial flop for Warner Bros. Pictures, especially in comparison to Fincheru2019s next project, The Social Network. Also, unlike The Social Network u2014 which many would regard as Fincheru2019s best u2014 Zodiac wasnu2019t nominated for any Academy Awards. It didnu2019t really pick up any kind of prestige that The Social Network did.
Why is Zodiac Fincheru2019s best movie then? For one thing, itu2019s missing a key Fincher ingredient and it works to the filmu2019s advantage: thereu2019s no ending.
Think of some of Fincheru2019s most notable films. Fight Club ends with Marla and the Narrator holding hands in an office building, watching as explosions occur across the city. The Pixies u201cWhere is my Mind?u201d plays in the background as the Narrator turns to Marla and simply states, u201cYou met me at a very strange time in my life.u201d
The scene most people remember from Seven is Brad Pittu2019s Detective Millsu2019 infamous u201cWhatu2019s in the box?u201d moment just before the film wraps, but the movie actually ends with Morgan Freemanu2019s Detective Somerset confirming heu2019ll be around for a while, even though he was on the verge of retirement. Itu2019s a powerful moment that recalls the trials and tribulations Somerset and Mills went through and reminds us that we can never truly escape who we are.”

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