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“Back in 2014, Mark Zuckerberg explained; u201cMessaging is one of the few things that people do more than social networking.u201d Itu2019s no wonder then, that Facebook has since made steps to get into messaging, creating the Messenger platform and acquiring WhatsApp for a tidy $19 billion. As reported by the Economist;
u2018over 2.5 billion people have at least one messaging app installedu2019 and u2018many teenagers now spend more time on smartphones sending instant messages than perusing social networks. WhatsApp users average nearly 200 minutes each week using the service.u2019
Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the above, almost 70% of all online referrals come from dark social; the sharing of content through private cha
els such as emails, forums or messaging apps, rather than through traditional social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.
So, how can messaging apps be utilised for business?
Private messaging is just that u2013 private u2013 and therefore itu2019s very hard for brands to find and measure activity by brand advocates. In addition, users might not be as forgiving of adverts and pop-ups on these as they are on traditional social media platforms, as the latter is a space where we are used to everyone, everywhere, broadcasting themselves all the time u2013 including brands. However, if done carefully there are ways to engage message app users u2013 just remember to proceed with caution:
Group chats”

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