I would like to see advertisers and offices hopping off allegorical precipices together Wrigleys Nicole McMillan on The Drum

“Delivering brave work that delivers on real business results is key for wi
ing awards, says Nicole McMillan, vice-president of marketing in APAC, The Wrigley Company.
In the US, SXSW is going full steam, Ad Fest is around the corner in Thailand and before long itu2019ll be rose time in Ca
es. However, wi
ing awards meaningfully is a tricky tack. McMillan is one of the heads of juries at this yearu2019s Effie awards in Asia Pacific and, speaking ahead of the awards, she said that work has to be brave but also bring bottom line value.
u201cI really hope to see marketers and agencies holding hands and jumping off metaphorical cliffs together to deliver brave work that has truly driven business results,u201d she said.
She also stressed that creativity and effectiveness should drive one another. u201cCreativity and effectiveness should not be mutually exclusive, rather they should exist in a symbiotic relationship when it comes to marketing. While it could be argued there are effective campaigns that may not exhibit high levels of creativity, these are pretty rare.”
However, when creativity and effectiveness donu2019t match up this often wasnu2019t due to the execution or the agency but because the client hasnu2019t communicated the challenge, according to McMillan.”

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