Disease Research UK dispatches optin advertising effort Civil Society Media

“Cancer Research UK has launched its first opt-in marketing campaign asking current supporters how they would like to be contacted in the future.
The charity has set itself a deadline of 1 July and after that date will only contact supporters who have given their unambiguous and explicit permission to be contacted.
CRUK said that this was the next step in a process of moving to opt-in only communications which begun in April 2016, when the charity began asking all new supporters to opt-in. It has now set itself a deadline of 1 July for when it extend opt-in communications to all existing supporters.
In a statement, the charity said it u201cknows it will be communicating with fewer people and this will impact on the amount of money it is able to raise. However, by putting its supporteru2019s wishes at the heart of fundraising communication, CRUK hopes to achieve a greater level of engagement, loyalty and value in the long termu201d.”

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