Demo for Europe – Pulse of Europe Dresden on Ostersonntag with a little less participants – DNN

Dresden. Because of the holiday in some German cities, the weekly Pulse of Europe meeting – not so in the Saxon state capital. But at least the Dresden organizers had to be content with a little less participants on the basis of Ostersonntag than usual.

The place between the Frauenkirche and the Luther monument was still filled, the applause for the speakers speaking almost exclusively at the open micro. However, the superintendent Christian Behr started with thoughts about the Christian holiday. Other speakers expressed their praise for the EU, as well as criticism. “Some might be called hypocrisy,” declared a young student from Dresden, pointing out that all too often two measures are measured: if peace love is propagated and armaments are still exported, when Trumps Wall is designated as a disgrace to Mexico, the foreclosure The Balkan route and the refugee camp with Turkey are seen as successes. A lawyer from Hungary denounced the non-independent judicial system there.

Wolfgang Röder, father of the Frankfurt Pulse of Europe co-initiator Daniel Röder, presented a poem entitled “Diverse but doch vereint”. However, the choreography demanded from the deep eyes into the eyes of a lover denied many of those present. There were no signs of contact with the final circular human chain. Prior to this, a representative of the Dresden Science March organization team had already pointed out the world-wide demonstration for science and research on 22 April.

The next, seventh event of the Pulse of Europe citizens’ movement next Sunday will be marked by the day’s election in France. The second focus is Eastern Europe.

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