Crime: Jeweler in shopping center with hammer hijacked

Two masked masters armed with hammers attacked a jewelery shop in a shopping center at Potsdamer Platz and captured numerous clocks. Security personnel then followed the fleeing perpetrators – and could overwhelm one of them, as the police reported on Wednesday. The other leaped into a carriage in which at least one compiler had been waiting.

The masked men threatened the 33-year-old jeweler store manager and his 58-year-old employee at around 8.30 pm on Tuesday. One of the robbers is supposed to have knocked the glass of a showcase and put watches into a bag, while his accomplice stowed watches from an open showcase in another pocket.

Two employees of the security department of the shopping center noticed the attack. They were initially threatened by the two armed men, they said. Then the presumed robbers took flight. The captured 20-year-old was arrested.