Constance: Pulse of Europe demonstrations moves hundreds

The Pulse of Europe initiative mobilizes regular hundreds of people. Further demonstrations are planned until at least 7 May, the day of the election in the French presidential election.

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Even in heavy rain, the people with the blue balloons to the gondola port before the council urge: about 200 citizens this time, for the European cohesion go to the streets. In fine weather there were 500 and 700 demonstrators. “I am positively surprised by the great appeal,” says Felix Pfafffflin from the organization team before the sixth Pulse of Europe meeting in Constance. The appointment is always on Sundays at 2 pm at the gondola. People come together to show their sympathies for Europe and their dislike of nationalism. “The idea is so simple,” says Pfafffflin.

And it comes clearly in Constance. At least until the election of the French presidential election on 7th May, the organizers want to call on the demonstrations, as it continues afterwards, according to Pfafflin is still open. The meeting is about making Europe emotionally experienceable and the positive off the beating disputes about individual questions. The demonstrations always take place according to the same choreography: The participants show their affection for Europe with balloons and fancies showing the blue and the yellow starry corpse for the European community, they listen to pieces of regional musicians, a short speech and a guest A very personal love declaration to Europe. At the end, the gathered singers sung around Europe. “For me, there should be open borders, I want to meet people in Europe. The world, it wants to transform itself, but we want to preserve peace and freedom.”

At the sixth Pulse of Europe demonstration in Konstanz, Felix Pfafffflin, one of the speakers, asked whether individual issues were really worth the risk of putting European cohesion and the genius of the idea together, to regulate everything that is common.

be right

Ulrike Blatter, a doctor and author from Gottmadingen, who has also entered the audience with a declaration of love to Europe:

“I have lived abroad for a long time, my daughter was born in Switzerland, my son was born in Slovenia, and in the 1990s I worked as a volunteer in the Balkans, in Bosnia in 1999. Bosnia is a warning example I would never have thought that I would have to stand before people and be so offensive for Europe, a common Europe and functioning democratic structures, which were for me always absolute self-understanding, the ground , On which I plan my future and that of my family.I will not lose this soil under my feet. ”

Ruth Gottmann, Germans living in Zürich:

“I have now for the fifth time with my husband and my two children for the European cause and against the right pressure on the road.Europe is not to be managed as such a Schrebergarten colony.I thought from these children’s shoes we have already grown out “We can not achieve the big goals, if every country wants to tackle them, for example, I think of environmental issues and social goals, we need open borders and a common currency.” The short comment by son Moritz, 11 years, to the demonstrations: “Cool.”

Sebastian Sahla, 29 years old, living in England:

“I am afraid that nationalism is the beginning of the end of Europe, and so is the peace here.” I am directly affected by the fact that England wants to leave the European Community, and I live with a German passport in England, my friend Sophie Guibert France, my parents live in the region of Constance. ”

Volker Lepper from Constance:

“I never want to go back to war, I want to solve the big and small problems at the negotiating table and not on the battlefield, I’m glad that Pulse of Europe is there, the wrongs have gone to the Straitse, the nationalists : There are people who are for the European community. ”

Every Sunday

Pulse of Europe is a 2016 founded in Frankfurt am Main, a non-partisan and independent citizenship initiative