Best Place to Learn : Lloyd Shoes uses training in teamwork

Alice Nachtigall (l.) Has been working for Lloyd Shoes since 2008, Ramona Rickers since 2010. Both have been employed since the end of their training in human resources.

Sulingen – 43 trainees are currently employed by Sulinger shoe manufacturer Lloyd Shoes; Nine as an industrial salesman, 25 as a shoemaker, three as a specialist for warehouse logistics, four as a merchant in the retail trade, and one as a mechatronics engineer and a specialist in computer science.

Until October 2016 Nicole Thäte was responsible for the training. She left the company in the direction of Australia; “Work and Travel”. The succession comes with Alice Nachtigall and Ramona Rickers two 25-year-old industrial buyers. Both of them see the AUBI-plus GmbH award as the best training company in the category of companies with 500 to 1,000 employees in Germany as an incentive. Alice Nachtigall: “Education is a process that is subject to constant change.”

Seal of approval for Lloyd Shoes

A total of 23 companies had been invited to the battalion during the ceremonial gala in the Oktogon on the premises of the Zeche Zollverein Essen. They all had passed through the certification process to obtain the “Best Place to Learn” seal of quality and were graded “good” or “very good”.

Alice Nachtigall, who had traveled to the event together with Ramona Rickers, for Lloyd Shoes. “The award ceremony was exciting.” When “at least as interesting”, she had the presentations of the other “Best Place to Learn” companies. “One or the other can be used for one’s own work.”

“We see ourselves as service providers for our employees.”

Heinz Segelhorst, head of the shoe manufacturer’s personnel, describes the award by AUBI-plus GmbH as the result of teamwork: “In addition to Nicole Thäte, Alice Nachtigall and Ramona Rickers, the trainers in the individual departments are also part of it.”

The basis for the grading and thus the determination of the award winners was a point system. In the course of an employee survey, trainees, trainees and former apprentices had to answer questions on in-company training. The answers are converted to points and added to a total score.

Alice Nachtigall has been working for Lloyd Shoes since 2008, Ramona Rickers since 2010. Both have been employed since the completion of the training in human resources. Ramona Rickers: “Although you have less to do with the product, you work almost every day with all areas. We see ourselves as a service provider for our employees. “Alice Nachtigall:” No day is the same as the other; Because behind every process people stand. ”

As of 1 August, we are still looking for shoe makers

Both are grateful to be able to help shape the personnel development of the shoe manufacturer, they say; Knowing that they face great challenges. The skilled labor force does not stop in front of the shoe industry. The two industrial buyers already have an eye on the solution: “We have to find ways to simplify the transition from school to work life.”

Acute need for action both currently see in the recruitment of qualified school leavers for the training to shoe manufacturers. “Since August 1, we have not occupied all the seats yet.”

Heinz Segelhorst leaves the “young ladies” largely free hand. The idea of entrusting two young industrial builders with the training management has charm for him: “With their young years, they are very close to trainees,” even those of tomorrow.