Following the success of our events In London, Influence People is hosting a one-day social media monitoring conference in San Francisco on 21st October, followed by a half-day training bootcamp on 22nd October.
Monitoring Social Media (San Francisco) will bring together leading brands, PR and marketing experts to discuss the latest ideas, trends and techniques in social media monitoring and measurement.  Though a series of presentations, panels and expert-led discussions, we will explore the critical issues that marketers and PR professionals are facing in their efforts to monitor their social media interactions.
Topics we will cover include:
  • Social Media Monitoring Tools and Services
  • Brand and Reputation Management
  • Sentiment Detection and Analysis
  • Data Quality and Filtering
  • Identifying and Connecting with Influencers
  • Beyond Listening: Measurement and ROI
  • The Future of Social Media Monitoring
  • Case studies and Best Practice
The conference will be fully interactive with presentations, case studies, Q & A sessions and panel discussions. There will also be an Exhibition Area including many of the leading social media monitoring and measurement tools and services. The ticket price includes lunch (optional), refreshments and a handbook and networking drinks at the end of the day.
Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp – 22nd October

Monitoring Social Media Bootcamp is the ultimate “how to” training event for companies and organisations seeking to monitor the social web and measure the effects of their interactions. Through a series of practical workshops, hosted by some of the world’s leading social media monitoring experts, attendees will learn how to use the latest technologies and techniques to maximise their returns from social media and minimise the risks to their brand and reputation.

You can buy your Bootcamp ticket along with your Conference ticket here, or separately on the Monitoring Bootcamp San Francisco website

Programme Highlights
    • Taming the data firehose: Google Buzz Case Study
      Timothy Jordan - Google
      Google recently released a real-time firehose of all the public data in Google Buzz. In this session Timothy will explore how to use large continuous data sets for comprehensive monitoring of public social spaces. He will look at open standards emerging for managing and transporting data, as well as both simple and advanced tools for consumption and analysis.
    • Can Sentiment Equal Success?
      Jennifer Neeley-Lindsay – Web Strategist

      Imagine everything that you said at a cocktail party could be parsed, analyzed and categorized as a 'positive,' neutral' or 'negative' comment? How accurate do you think the categorization would be? Social media monitoring is an emerging practice, but if used with standard Web tracking the combined findings are more reliable and actionable. In this session Jennifer will look at some of the largest technology companies and the complimentary tools they use to get the information they need for measurable success.
    • eBay Case Study: Social Media Monitoring - Implementation and Action
      Ali Croft – Just Drive Media

      Implementing a social media listening and engagement campaign is a grand undertaking – whether you’re a small business or worldwide enterprise. eBay has just begun to take this project head on, and they’re willing to share the lessons they’ve been learning along the way. What prompted the company to start monitoring social media, how they decided on the best way to go about it, how they’re measuring results and how they’re acting on those results, are all topics that will be covered in this session
    • 525,600 Minutes: Using Time to Guide Social Media Efforts
      Adam Schoenfeld – Rowfeeder

      The time you chose to post messages or engage with your audience can have a material impact on social media outcomes. In this session we'll look at how different audiences and different types of conversations appear at different times and how to makes sense of these dynamics. We'll discuss how you can use monitoring to research, measure, and plan the right time to run campaigns or engage with your audience.
    • The Listening SMB: How Small Business is Re-claiming the Web
      Matt Greff – Marchex

      While the local consumer is flourishing with social media (Google Maps, Yelp, ratings, reviews), the small business has struggled to keep up; particularly with social media monitoring and reputation management. In this presentation Matt will explain how small businesses can shift the balance of power by addressing three primary needs: Online Presence Management, Relationship Management, and Quality Lead Generation.
    • Social Media Monitoring for Small Business
      Mark Schmulen – Constant Contact

      Many of the tools for monitoring social media have been designed “by Geeks for Geeks” or for Enterprise clients with a full time marketing team. But small business owners have different objectives and metrics for success. Most importantly, they have very little time in the day to devote to social media marketing. In this session, Mark will share how small businesses can effectively leverage and measure their social media marketing efforts without having to waste a lot of time.
    • What to Demand in your Social Dashboards
      Gary Angel – Semphonic

      As the use of social monitoring grows, companies are capturing fascinating data. But translating that data into useful dashboards isn’t trivial. In this presentation, Gary will describe the 3C’s of effective dashboarding: culling the data effectively, classifying it in interesting fashion, and building the right context to make the data useful. You’ll see real-world examples of how the data can be organized to communicate key information and learn what to expect and demand from your social media team.
Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Event Information
Tickets can only be booked online with a credit or debit card. You do not need a Paypal or Google Checkout account to buy a ticket.

  • Ticket Terms
    • A limited number of Early Bird tickets are available.
    • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
    • Contact us for reductions on group bookings (5+)
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  • What’s included in the price?
    • A one-day conference in San Francisco
    • Lunch (optional) and refreshments
    • Access to the Exhibition Area
    • A handout with notes
    • Networking drinks

  • Who’s coming?
    • Marketing Strategists & Directors
    • PR & Communications Managers
    • Social Media Experts
    • Bloggers & Journalists

Media Partners
Event Details
Thursday 21st October
8.30am to 5.00pm

The Box SF
1069 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Lead Sponsors

Joe Fernandez
CEO, Klout
Joe Fernandez is the founder and CEO of Klout. Klout was founded in 2008 and measures influence across the social web.
Jill Hunley
Director of Marketing Strategy & Planning ebay
As eBay’s director of marketing strategy and planning, Jill is incubating eBay’s Social Media Center of Excellence, and driving the development of the analytics infrastructure to monitor and measure the impact of social media on eBay’s brand and business results.
Ben Straley
CEO, Meteor Solutions
Ben is the CEO of Seattle-based Meteor Solutions. Meteor Solutions has developed a technology platform that enables marketers to measure, manage, and monetize earned media - the word of mouth conversations, blog posts, tweets, viral videos, and other unpaid content a brand creates or encourages - with the same precision as paid media.
Marcel LeBrun
CEO, Radian6
Marcel LeBrun is a serial entrepreneur, media philosopher, and the CEO of Radian6, one of the leading social media listening & engagement platforms that is used by top brands such as Dell, Microsoft, Intel, Kodak, and Pepsi to listen, measure and engage with their customers across the social web.
Giles Palmer
Founder and CEO, Brandwatch
Giles is a recognised expert on social media monitoring technology and data. He has led Brandwatch from a UK Government-funded project to a leading social media analysis company with a global customer-base.
Mark Schmulen
General Manager of Social Media, Constant Contact
As general manager of social media at Constant Contact, Mark leads the company's product and external education strategy. He co-founded NutshellMail, a free social media monitoring tool that acts like a DVR for social networking activity. NutShellMail is now part of Constant Contact’s suite of online marketing tools for small businesses.
Pierre Zarokian
President/CEO Submit Express
Pierre Zarokian President/CEO Submit Express. Submit Express was ranked the #1 SEO Firm by Website Magazine in Oct 2009. One of the fastest growing companies in INC 5000 three years in a row in 2007-2009. Submit Express also offers social media marketing services, through their sister company iClimber.
Austin Hurst
Co-Founder / Director, NexBoom Universe
With close to a decade of digital marketing experience at the age of 19 Austin co-founded his third company: 1Dawg which has became the 5th largest user generated video site. Austin presently runs a successful conglomerate of technology companies called NexBoom Universe and is an angel investor in his spare time.
Timothy Jordan
Developer Advocate, Google
Timothy focuses on the social web. He has degrees in Computer Engineering, Theater Arts, and Digital Arts and New Media. As an engineer he enjoys solving problems for the benefit of fellow humans. As an artist he enjoys the search for truth and beauty.
Jennifer Zeszut
Chief Social Strategist, Lithium Technologies
Jennifer is the founder and former CEO of Scout Labs, which was acquired by Lithium Technologies in May. She was previously VP of Marketing at Leverage Software, acting Director of Marketing at eBay, and Director of Strategy and Analytics at Avenue A / Razorfish.
Adam Schoenfeld
CEO & co-founder, RowFeeder
A serial entrepreneur, Adam is passionate about helping organizations use social data to learn more about customers and generate results. He drives the business strategy and operations for RowFeeder, a social media monitoring tool that aims to make measurement and reporting easy for brands and agencies.
Chase McMichael
Co-Founder & CEO,
Chase is a leading veteran in the field of collaboration and marketing intelligence working at JP Morgan-Chase, Oracle and founded several startups. He was awarded the Marketing Sherpa Viral Hall of Fame award and top honors from Ad-Tech deploying advanced social campaigns for F 500 brands.
Gary Angel
President and CTO

Gary heads up Semphonic’s consulting for large enterprise clients. His ground-breaking work in hands-on web analytics includes the development of Functionalism, pioneering work in the creation of SEM analytics, and numerous methodological improvements to the field of web analytics and online behavior.
Jennifer Neeley Lindsay
Host of The A-List on BlogTalkRadio
Jennifer Neeley Lindsay is an two-time Emmy-nominated new and emerging television news media pioneer, working at local and network levels in the US and BRIC countries since the 1990s. A leading Web Strategist with a keen interest in monioring and measurement, She has just completed a book for a Fortune 50 technology company.
Ali Croft
Principal, Just Drive Media
Ali is a seasoned communications strategist and the Co-founder of Just Drive Media, a PR and online marketing agency which works with eBay, Skype and ODesk, among other leading brands.
Matt Greff
Senior Product Manager, Marchex
Matt drives the product strategy and development for Marchex Local Leads. He is part of the team that developed Marchex Reputation Management, a monitoring and presence management tool for SMBs. He was previously at Atlas Solutions and Microsoft.
Luke Brynley-Jones
Director, Influence People
Having developed over 40 online communities over the past 10 years, Luke is one of the UK’s most experienced social media experts. Co-founder of Influence People, Luke is also the Editor of Our Social Times, the popular social media marketing blog, and a respected social media monitoring blog.
Murray Newlands
Director, Influence People
A renowned blogger and social media consultant, Murray has an encyclopaedic knowledge of online marketing. A host of the London Blog Club, and Co-founder of Influence People, he was recently shortlisted for Affiliate Summit Blogger of the Year.